8. 4. 2021

Adam Košir

Rozhovor s Tobiášem pro IDO

Tobiáš Košir se stal historicky prvním Čechem, který se dostal do komise tanečníků International Dance Organization. O jeho zvolení do funkce jsme psali zde. Mezinárodní taneční organizace s ním udělala velký rozhovor o jeho spojení s IDO.


The International Dance Organization recently set up an IDO Dancers Commission. The Commission will act as the voice for IDO active licensed dancers around the world and to protect their rights and interests. The Dancers Commission will act as a direct link from the voices of dancers to the IDO Presidium. It is the Commissioners duty to provide updated information to dancers and to the IDO Presidium.

Tobias Kosir for IDO Czech Republic has been appointed to the IDO Dance Commission. The IDO Communications Department has caught up with Tobias to tell us a bit about himself and what are his expectations in the next year:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your history in the IDO?

My name is Tobias Kosir and I am a tap dancer from Czech Republic. I am 20 years old I have competed with the IDO since the age of 8. I have won the title of World champion 9 times, 7 times as a soloist in different age categories and twice with a group. I founded my own T-Group Dance Studio in 2019. There I teach tap and prepare my students for IDO competitions. My choreographies won the World championship 5 times and my students make me proud every time they are on the stage. Apart from dancing I take an interest in history and music and I also study law at Masaryk’s University.

Tell us an anecdote or hilarious moment whilst attending an IDO event?

I remember one moment from the World championship in Riesa where we did the line-up after the finals of the solos. I was still in the children’s category and I hardly understood any English. My dear friend Michael Wendt asked me in front of the whole audience what city I was from. I wasn’t sure what he was saying but after few seconds I managed to catch the word “city” so I just said Brno. But it was very quiet so Michael asked me to repeat it, but this time for some reason I decided I need to add an accent. After three more times of me just butchering the name of my hometown, Michael finally gave up and moved on to the next guy. I am very glad our friendship survived this rough moment!

Why have you agreed to form part of the IDO Commission? How important is it to have voice in the IDO?

I agreed to be a part of this commission because I believe I can speak for dancers from the perspective of a competing dancer, teacher, choreographer and a studio owner, which allows me to see the bigger picture. All of my colleagues are wonderful people, amazing dancers and they are all very passionate about their work in the IDO and I believe this sort of fresh engagement is exactly what we all need.

How do you see the IDO Commission developing in the future?

I believe the Commission will grow on the foundations we lay in the next three years. It is important that we create a system, where dancers are heard and any problems or questions can be answered swiftly and effectively, but that can only happen with the help of the whole community. It is great that dancers will always have their representation in the IDO and I am looking forward to seeing all the projects we and all our successors create.

How do you see the IDO Commission supporting IDO in making it bigger and better?

We have already started to come up with ideas that can help the IDO in many different ways and I believe some of them will become reality soon. Apart from that we are meeting commissions of different dance styles of our respective departments, which is a very important and useful experience for me and my colleagues. I believe that one day members of our commission will be able to reach out outside of the IDO, introduce new dancers to IDO competitions, help all dancers to compete as long as possible and last but not least, focus on the children of the IDO, because inevitably they will take over after us one day.

What is IDO to you?

IDO to me as is a wonderful community that shaped my life and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It means friends, happiness, joy but also responsibility, courage and hard work. I will be forever grateful for the amazing work of the IDO does for us dancers.

What is the first thing you think about when you think about IDO?

Michael Wendt singing “Good morning”, is there even any other answer?

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